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Natural Hanging Canvas

The Hanging Canvas brings a rustic, yet contemporary, touch to a room and seamlessly integrates with any decor style. Each order is printed using premium polycotton canvas and high-quality archival inks. These giclee prints are printed on top of the line printers, so you can be certain your artwork will look incredible. The artwork is beautifully centered, allowing a 0.25" over hang on either side, and framed between a top and bottom strip made from 100% solid wood. Each strip is approximately 0.8125" deep, 0.9375" high, and hung with a durable rustic twine.

Each frame is handcrafted in-house and professionally assembled for each order. This product is available in custom sizes upon request.
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6" x 18" Natural Hanging Canvas$17.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
8" x 8" Natural Hanging Canvas$10.99$6.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
8" x 10" Natural Hanging Canvas$11.99$6.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
8" x 12" Natural Hanging Canvas$12.99$6.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
8" x 24" Natural Hanging Canvas$18.49$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
9" x 12" Natural Hanging Canvas$13.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
9" x 24" Natural Hanging Canvas$18.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
10" x 30" Natural Hanging Canvas$22.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
11" x 14" Natural Hanging Canvas$15.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
12" x 12" Natural Hanging Canvas$15.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
12" x 16" Natural Hanging Canvas$17.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
12" x 18" Natural Hanging Canvas$18.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
14" x 20" Natural Hanging Canvas$19.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
16" x 16" Natural Hanging Canvas$18.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
16" x 20" Natural Hanging Canvas$20.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
16" x 24" Natural Hanging Canvas$23.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
18" x 24" Natural Hanging Canvas$24.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
20" x 20" Natural Hanging Canvas$22.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
20" x 24" Natural Hanging Canvas$25.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
20" x 30" Natural Hanging Canvas$26.99$10.95$2.95$25.95$14.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95
24" x 30" Natural Hanging Canvas$28.99$10.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95$45.95$34.95$2.95
24" x 32" Natural Hanging Canvas$29.99$10.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95$45.95$34.95$2.95
24" x 36" Natural Hanging Canvas$30.99$10.95$2.95$35.95$24.95$2.95$45.95$34.95$2.95
30" x 30" Natural Hanging Canvas$30.99$14.95$2.95$39.95$28.95$2.95$49.95$38.95$2.95
30" x 40" Natural Hanging Canvas$55.99$14.95$2.95$59.95$48.95$2.95$69.95$58.95$2.95
32" x 48" Natural Hanging Canvas$66.99$24.95$2.95$59.95$48.95$2.95$69.95$58.95$2.95
36" x 48" Natural Hanging Canvas$79.99$39.95$2.95$59.95$48.95$2.95$69.95$58.95$2.95