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Birch Wood Panels

Your artwork is printed directly onto these 3/8" thick beautiful birch wood panels. Their natural unique grain will ensure no two are every identical. Light colored areas of your artwork will allow the wood grain to show through slightly. Each panel comes with predrilled keyholes for flush wall mounting. The smaller sizes (5" x 7" and 8" x 10") also include a small dowel for an easy to set up stand.
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4" x 6" Birch Wood Panel$8.00$9.95$4.95$17.95$10.95$4.95$19.95$13.95$4.95
5" x 7" Birch Wood Panel$9.00$9.95$4.95$17.95$10.95$4.95$19.95$13.95$4.95
8" x 10" Birch Wood Panel$15.00$9.95$4.95$17.95$10.95$4.95$19.95$13.95$4.95
8" x 12" Birch Wood Panel$18.00$9.95$4.95$17.95$10.95$4.95$19.95$13.95$4.95
11" x 14" Birch Wood Panel$25.00$9.95$4.95$22.95$12.95$4.95$25.95$15.95$4.95
12" x 18" Birch Wood Panel$35.00$9.95$4.95$25.95$20.95$4.95$59.95$29.95$9.95
16" x 20" Birch Wood Panel$45.00$9.95$4.95$25.95$20.95$4.95$59.95$29.95$9.95
16" x 24" Birch Wood Panel$50.00$9.95$4.95$25.95$20.95$4.95$59.95$29.95$9.95